MountainSea Partnerships

We develop partnerships with businesses, organizations, influencers, educational institutions, and charities to further branding goals, create institutional awareness and profit through adventure vacation packages.  Bring your own brand and we take care of all logistics. Partner trips coincide with your organization’s mission, values, and core activities. Let MountainSea lead your clients on the adventure of a lifetime.

Our 20 years of experience in travel and guiding services combined with our partners within the industry put us in a unique position to create tailored, valuable and quality vacation experiences for your clients, friends, and family.

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Just Add Water

Let us take your favorite activity and combine it with yachting! For example, an influencer in the “health and wellness” world can provide a trip to their followers that would include a daily activity of yoga, meditation, healthy cooking, etc. This would be combined with activities as per standard on our voyages such as snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, swimming, sailing, etc. Our partners provide the guests and theme, we run the trip from a luxury sailing yacht in a picturesque destination. We have partnered with influencers, universities, sailing schools, scuba shops, yoga studios, corporations, and charities.

We have access to over 1300 yachts in 50 destinations around the world, so the possibilities are immense. We are highly customizable and can create trips centered around any activity. We can accommodate any number of yachts in a group “flotilla” which encourage a fun group atmosphere!


Auction Items

We provide vacation packages for live and silent auction. We work with you to price the item so that your organization can set a profitable opening bid amount, ensuring the winner will receive the package at or below market value. Any dollar amount paid above our package price is your organization’s benefit. If the opening bid is not met or the package otherwise does not sell, simply return our donation and your organization is not responsible for any cost.


Destinations and Activities

If you can dream it, we can make it happen. Our extensive experience guiding groups and our relationships with industry leaders creates an unlimited list of destinations and activities:

  • Yachting Flotillas
  • Sailing
  • Shooting/hunting
  • Fishing
  • Skiing
  • Academic and Professor-led tours


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“Taking our family, including two children, on a yacht for the week was daunting, as we all had very limited experience on large boats. But every detail and every comfort was taken care of by Captain Ted. We were able to learn a tremendous amount, and the way in which Ted worked with our kids was as gentle as it was effective. His demeanor imparted a sense of confidence that allowed our kids to comfortably take on tasks they might not otherwise have tried, from taking the helm to learning to flambé shrimp for dinner. We all came away appreciative that our week had been as relaxing as educational. The unbelievable beauty of the Caribbean was perhaps the least impressive part of our trip, and that is saying a ton about Ted and the trip. Can’t wait to head South again.”

Keith, Krista, Walker and Grey Davis