Ted Barrett, Founding Director

Ted has 16 years of experience working in outdoor education and guiding including positions as a surf, whitewater, hiking and dive instructor for Costa Rica Outward Bound, director of the rescue dive program and sailboat captain for Action Quest, a NOLS instructor in the sailing, white water, and backcountry skiing programs, a programmer and Caribbean director for Broadreach and most recently, before starting MountainSea, as a sailing instructor for Nautilus Sailing.

With over 35,000 nautical miles logged, Ted has sailed extensively throughout Europe in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Aegean Seas; the entire Arc of the Caribbean; across the Pacific and Atlantic; the Arctic Circle; Pacific Northwest; South America; and Sea of Cortez. There are still so many destinations to see and share with his crew.

When he isn’t leading MountainSea adventures, Ted enjoys pursuing his passions in building furniture, downhill skiing, surfing, scuba diving and playing tennis. He really enjoys guiding and sharing his experiences with others and is excited to bring his skills and enthusiasm to his newest endeavor, MountainSea.

Colin Kurcz, Director of Sailing Operations

Inspired by the freedom that a sailboat can provide, from a young age Colin sought out ways to gain experience on the water. His love of travel and adventure led him to become a professional scuba diver in Thailand, eventually teaching diving in Malaysia, Mexico Honduras, and the Caribbean. During that time, he purchased an older monohull sailboat and brought it back to life.

After already spending countless hours on and under the water, he became his own Captain on a 2000-mile voyage around the Caribbean, exploring scarcely visited locations on the Central American coast. Moving on to the professional realm, Colin has worked for multiple operators, from teen sailing programs to multiple private and luxury charter operators. He has also spent time as Mate and Captain on a 160-foot schooner between New York City, Newport, RI and Bermuda, as well as captaining yachts in the Hudson River. Colin has sailed nearly every island between the British Virgin Islands and Grenada and is eager to share his knowledge of sailing and diving with anyone interested. When not at the helm, Colin is learning to pilot small planes, tinkering with cars or trying to invent the world’s most delicious rum drink.

Sarah Leonet, Chef and Head of Provisioning

Growing up in the countryside of Belgium, food was an important part of Sarah’s upbringing. Through her mother, Sarah was able to gather generations of experience in Franco-Belgian cuisine. Accustomed to sourcing ingredients for her meals from her neighbors, she puts a strong emphasis on local produce, adjusting her menu based on season and location.

At home, Sarah has mastered the art of the dinner party and on the yacht brings a comfortable feel with refined presentation to the table. Her repertoire is furthered by her international travel experience, having visited more than 30 countries. After studying graphic illustration at university, she embarked on a multi-year voyage, road-trippping across the US, and heading down into Mexico and Central America. She met Colin in Honduras, where she swapped the road for the sea. When not in the galley, Sarah enjoys drawing, listening to French reggae and laughing at animal videos on Instagram.

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